He turned down the opportunity of becoming a Pro Track & Field athlete to pursue his dream of acting.

Today’s Yummo is Lance Gross from the TV series House of Payne.

This Gossip Boy is burning with desire.

Today’s Yummo is Ed Westwick, according to Celebrity Mania Ed’s character on Gossip Girl is burning for desire.

Flashback Fridays

Today’s Yummo is Leo Dicaprio. I just love this man, he just gets better with age.

Remember this beautiful face of yesterday:

and look at  him now! Sweet!

And the winner is….

Here is a little secret that I am going to share about me. I love entering contests. I don’t even think my closest friends know this. I enter to win stuff all the time, whether it is to win a pair of Leaf Tickets (I’ve been trying to win these for years), vacation giveaways, or home makeovers (this one makes no sense since I rent an apartment). 
I had recently submitted my name and e-mail in to be one of ten models for the Heart and Stroke Old Navy Fashion Show at The National Women’s Show in Toronto. They called me last Friday to tell me that I have been chosen to be one of the models for that show.  I won!  I was so excited that I won something that I forgot that I have a huge fear of being in front of people. I hate public speaking and I would rather not be the centre of attention. Now I am going to be walking down a runway in front of a few hundred people or more. What was I thinking when I entered that contest?
I am going forward with this, I am excited and scared shitless at the same time. It is exciting because we will be working with an imagine consultant and I have always wanted to do that. It will be nice to see what wardrobe suggestions they have for me.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, and I have wanted to change things up for some time and now that time has come.  I am scared shitless because I will have to walk on a runway in front of hundreds of people, just writing that gets my heart rate up. They say the only way to overcome your fears is to face them, not only will I be facing my fear that day I will be kicking it in the butt (hopefully). 
What is Fear? I read once that Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real, I like that because it is true. I am fearful that I will look ridiculous or fall on my face and people will be there thinking “what’s wrong with that girl, what was she thinking when she entered this contest?”… Basically I have a fear of them judging me.  It’s crazy because I will never know if they thought that, most people are not that judgemental and for the most part are very supportive. Also, why do we stress over something that hasn’t happened yet and yet does not exist? We work ourselves into a frenzy over the worst case scenarios and it takes away from our enjoyment of the journey, because even in worse case scenarios it’s never has bad as what you thought in your head.
My mission this week is to enjoy the journey, which includes a fitting, fashion consultation, runway practice and more. I will have my best gal pals out in the audience wishing me nothing but success, so really what is there to be afraid, how a girl can go wrong with such a great support team behind her? 
Ladies have you faced a fear? What was your experience please tell us about it. Or if you have a fear you haven’t faced tell us about maybe another SG follower has overcome that fear and can shed some insight for us all.
Wish me luck!

The boys of Gossip Girl are just plain hot!

Today’s Yummo is Chace Crawford, another Gossip Girl cutie..hmm maybe I should watch this show.

A little more gossip please

Today’s Yummo is Matthew Settle another cutie from Gossip Girl.

It’s all about the Gossip

Today’s Yummo Penn Badgley stars in Gossip Girl.

The never ending dating machine

Well – I’ve been away for a while, believe it or not in this away time, I’ve actually gone on a couple dates with hopefully more to come and I’ve actually been reading about dating. I’m charged and focused and this year I will get a boyfriend! Even if I have to kidnap him and cage him (but don’t worry, I’m not desperate or anything).
They say you have to go on at least 50 dates before you actually find someone you can tolerate…ok, maybe those aren’t the exact words, but that’s basically what they mean…so here is date 1 and 2:
The first guy I went on a date with was from Toronto and we were set up through friends of friends. He wanted to meet at a Keg…”Wow”, I thought, “fancy”.  It went well. No instant sparks or anything, but he was nice and the conversation was easy. Maybe a little on the arrogant side, but what the heck, no one is perfect. I did consider giving him a second date until the bill came. He took the bill and stared at it for the longest time until I said “Ok, do you want to split this then?” and he said “Whatever you want, it’s up to you”…what the heck does that mean? So we split it and any chance of a second date went out the window. He texted me about 4 days later saying, “I had a good time…not sure what your feelings were? But I didn’t feel a romantic connection”…so if I had texted back and been like, “Oh that sucks, I totally liked you…bummer” I wonder what his response would have been? I guess that’s why he didn’t pay for dinner. Personally if the guy invites you out and picks the place, they should pay no matter what.
The second guy actually came up to me at a bar…and then called to ask me out. I knew this guy was trouble cause I was attracted to him…Mark Walberg bod and all! We went out to dinner on our first date..blah, blah, blah…and he was instantly crazy about me. I saw him for a second date and he used a lot of “future” talk. He paid and ordered for me, which I liked, he’s fun and manly, older than me but still acted 17. He had a bit of a trouble youth and obviously has a couple screws lose. He called me twice drunk with strange possessive type conversation and once to apologize. We’ve known each other 3 weeks and he asked me to go away with him. God, it feel as though we’ve dated for a lifetime already! I started to feel sorry for him cause I think he’s a little messed up and super lonely. And now it’s ruined. He was too eager and I told him I can’t be an instant girlfriend and that I have to get to know and trust someone…he got offended and I haven’t heard from him since. Too bad…he had 2 of the 3 things I want in a man 1) to be attracted to him 2) wants a commitment (but not obsessively). Number 3 is just a nice guy…no fuss, no muss. This guy is way too much fuss and seriously needs to clear out some muss. 
So I’m 0 and 2…this is exhausting…I can’t imagine going on 48 more of these. 
Good luck out there gals…it’s rough.
Single Chick

This 28 year old is a BC Native

Today’s Yummo is Actor Justin Chatwin.

We hope this cutie recovers soon

Today’s Yummo is an American BMX rider, professional musician, and host of MTV’s “The Challenge”. Last week he was hospitalized after a serious BMX crash, and is battling pneumonia while in a medically-induced coma, PEOPLE reports. 


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