Rumor has it that Cameron Diaz is crushing on this man…

Today’s Yummo is Olivier Martinez….

New Level of Douch Bag

To all you Singe Gals out there, especially you newly Single Gals be warned it’s a different era for dating; the rules are there are no rules. Apparently you can date someone for as long or as little as you like and never have to break-up with them face to face. You have so many options to dump or get dumped by. For instance there is the ‘I’m not interested in a relationship at this time” test message tre classy right? Not! Than there is the “I don’t mean to be a jerk, but there was no spark I’m really busy TTYL “ sent via Facebook. The voicemail break-up that happened while you were sleeping or the e-mail letter explaining what a great person you are but it’s not going to work out. It tough ladies AND gentlemen. Yes guys I know we gals do not always behave our best either and have used such methods to avoid the conformation as well or that awkward conversation having to tell someone we are just not that into them.

Just when I’ve come to terms with new age of dating this guy goes and takes it to an all new level ….Isn’t it enough to know that you may be breaking someone’s heart but do you have to totally destroy them? I just wonder what could possible be next….

All I can say to Jennifer is that he did you a favor! By the looks of his sign making abilities he is probably kicking you out of the trailer home and truly believes that you wanted nothing more than to marry him and have a litter of children, which in his drunken state scared the crap out of him so he resorted to this douche bag tactic. Jennifer maybe you can post up signs





Hopeful in TO

Sorry you lost Dan …but at least you you made it to the yummo page

Today’s Yummo is Dan Hardy. Poor Dan lost to GSP on Saturday’s UFC fight.

Another Sexy Bastard

Today’s Yummo is Denis Menochet.

This Inglourious Bastard is pretty sexy…

Today’s Yummo is Gedeon Burkhard.

Old School Rock N Roll Yum!!

Today’s Yummo is Rachal Bolan…Once again I need my dirty rock star fix and this Skid Row babe hits the spot.

Am I a Crazy Dog Lady?

Recently I have taken to spending my down time surfing the net for puppies. I would like to get another dog when I am done school and have more time to take care of him/her. I spend hours looking for Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers and Bull Dog breeders.

As you can see I love the stocky, droopy faced big headed dogs. In a perfect world I would own all 4 of these breeds, but in reality if I did I would be known as the ‘crazy dog lady’. Now girls we want to avoid being labeled ‘crazy’ at all costs. So if you are single please do not own more than two pets at a time, any more that than that you will be labeled the crazy cat/dog/animal lady. Now I have been surfing for months, looking at puppies, sending pictures of cute puppies to ‘Single Chick’  and obsessing on them. She finally had to intervene and tell me that maybe I should be spending my time surfing the net for men. I’ve tried that, and eHarmony was a bust!!! However this did get me to thinking am I subconsciously lonely and seeking a companion? Is my surfing the net for a new puppy a way to distract me from my currently Single Status? Or am I really just a ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ waiting to break free?!
What do you think?
Hopeful in TO

I think I should learn to dance…

Today’s Yummo is Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with Stars.

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Random Thought #1

There is no such a thing as a clean ass!!!

Stephen Dorff needs a come back!!!

Today’s Yummo is Stephen Dorff…where as he gone?


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